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Retailer spotlight : Grove Hair Studio

11/17/2021 by Roxane Gagnon

Once upon a time, I was casually telling my lovely friend Marieke that I should find a retailer to sell Flambette here in Halifax. Marieke is one of the owners of Grove Hair Studio, the cutest hair salon in Halifax and she said “I want to!!”. Fast forward to a few months later, select Flambette products are available at Grove and I am thrilled! I asked Marieke if she would be willing to answer a few questions and of course, she said yes!

How did you ladies meet and how did you decide to start your own adventure together?

We actually all crossed paths in hair school and when we all came to work at the same salon one day, the stars started to align! The three of us all love what we do but wanted a little more independence. When we found the space where Grove Hair Studio is now located it seemed like the perfect fit to create our cozy little plant filled salon!

Who keeps all the plants alive and what’s their secret?

It’s pretty well a joint effort! One of those things where many hands make light work because we all know a little but but combined we know a lot, you know? We will also never give away how many have bit the dust and been replaced, shhhh.

Is there something you strongly dislike about your job? I know I couldn’t blow dry hair all day, my arms hurt just thinking about it.

We definitely all have our favourite things and I’m sure we’ve all got areas of the job that we don’t like. The one thing they don’t tell you in hair school is that you’re going to be the Jack of all trades (psychologist, server, exercise enthusiast with all the blow drying, etc.) and some days you wish you had 3 extra arms. For the most part though, we all absolutely love what we do!

What is a hair product you absolutely cannot live without?

The five of us who work here all have extremely different hair types and so do our clients! We each have our individual favourites but a few a things we would recommend to anyone are the Eleven Miracle Treatment leave-in and Olaplex #6.

And finally, what is your current favourite flambette product and which one are you excited to try next?

It’s hard to pick one because we love them all and we each have a different favourite! The room sprays are absolutely amazing, and a nice addition to our little bathroom. We are so excited to try the new Foret scented candle and maybe a hand lotion for our waiting area. Thank you for answering my questions, Marieke and the Grove Girls! Flambette is stoked to have a Nova Scotian retailer again! P.S. Grove is a dog friendly I even need to say more??