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Adapting to our new workspace 

07/13/2022 by Roxane Gagnon

We feel pretty lucky to have a lovely workshop, but it also presents unexpected challenges. Previously, we had to do a lot of tests to figure out a wick issue. Now that our wicks are top notch, it turns out that the temperature, which varies a lot in the workshop, directly impacts how the soy wax reacts.

Tania, our production pro, had noticed more texture in the candles and we were trying to figure out what had changed. With some research, we realized that it is indeed variations in temperature and humidity that change the visual appearance of our candles.


As you know, we use pure soy wax. Additives could help solve this new concern, but we really want to make sure that our products remain pure, even if visually, you may see a little difference with your candles, until we have managed to regulate the temperature and humidity in the workshop.

Luckily, this only affects the aesthetics of the candles and not any other properties that you love so much!

We are big fans of our beautiful clear/frosted jars. If our pots were opaque, I wouldn't have had to explain all this to you, but we are proud to be as transparent as our jars!

Thank you for your understanding, we are still working hard to ensure that our candles are as pleasant on the eye as they are on the nose. 

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